The Proposed Refurbishment of The Main Hall

Designed by local Design Studio Thebe Mor, this proposed refurbishment will transform the present Main Hall into one that the whole Community will not only benefit from, but will also be hugely proud of.

Enhancement on a natural theme which works with the existing positive elements will introduce a smarter, warmer feel allowing the flexibility to evoke different atmospheres according to required use.
The neutral, modern but classic finishes suggested have been chosen for their longevity and will not date quickly. They also have the ability to mix well with other colours should an event require to add its own customised colour theme.

Walls and ceiling would be done in water-based matt finish and all woodwork in eggshell.

The intention is to re-use and repurpose any existing elements worth saving such as the wooden floor ( to be re-sanded with a lacquer or oil finish ) and the oak benches (restored and re-sized for ease of movement)

More adaptable and flexible lighting would be introduce in the form of six feature chandeliers suspended from the beams, floor lamps and moveable Stage lighting.

Increased heating with the addition of a further two fan heaters and better insulation through the introduction of window shutters and two draught-proof doors.

The present dated plastic furniture would be replaced with comfortable wooden chairs and wooden top tables blending in with the wooden shutters and the renovated oak benches.

Finishing touches would include a Gallery Wall with local vintage prints, an oak panelled engrave Hall logo and windowsill lanterns.

Attractive room dividers would be introduced to cover up the Stage when required or separate the Main Hall for allowing smaller floor areas at certain events.

A suitable PA System would be installed.

The end result would offer the Community an amazingly attractive, adaptable, warm and welcoming Hub worthy of its central position in our lovely village environment.

BAVH Sample Board
Blair Atholl Village Hall